DelosD (delosd) wrote,

LiveJournal Suicide

So my first LiveJournal post in a very, very long time is prompted by what seems to be an attempt at suicide by... LiveJournal.  Frankly, it was on life support already, but I think this has put the nail in the coffin.  I just logged in to LJ, as I do daily, to read my friends' list and see what was up, when I was faced with a new LJ interface.  Upon switching to this interface I discovered the following:

  1. I can't figure out how to actually view my friends' list!  I did eventually manage to find it by going to my own LJ blog and clicking on the "friends' page" link that still exists at the top of that page (in little tiny type) but that *can't* be the way they intend this system to work.

  2. The friends' list is now presented in such a way that I'm scrolling waaaayyyyy down the page to see what's new, and the separations between posts are not as visually obvious as they used to be.

  3. The main menu is incoherent, and there are a whole bunch of sub-selections under "My Blog" that I have no understanding of, and which don't sound interesting enough for me to take the time to figure them out.

  4. The new posting page has controls all over the place, several unintuitive selections, and doesn't follow a consistent visual flow.  It's overly large and clunky, and the spell checker doesn't like the word 'unintuitive'.

LJ, I knew you were on the way out, but did you have to jump onto a greased off-ramp?
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