DelosD (delosd) wrote,

The Short List

OK, I've been nibbling away at my task list since my time off work a few weeks ago.  Significant progress continues to be made.  The list is now down from a peak of 58 tasks, to a current 14-and-a-fraction.  Here's what's left...

1.       Have the bathroom and porch repairs done.

      • Recaulk bathtub edge.
      • Wall repairs next to tub and behind toilet.
      • Caulk porch outer wall and reseal.
      • Replace stick-on linoleum tiles in porch.
      • Paint porch interior. (?)
      • Repair kitchen wall drill holes.

2.       Start arrangements to list the Farmington House for sale.

3.       Rebuild Windows on Gateway desktop computer.

4.       Return a couple of damaged wedding registry items.

5.       Start writing wedding thank you notes.

6.       Make tea for Heather and give her lots of affection.

7.       Send out Penguicon Board activity reminders.

8.       Enjoy the very tasty home-cooked (and low-fat) meals that my talented wife makes for me.

9.       Repair the carousel CD player using the hanger queen downstairs.

10.    Add all wedding china and crystal patterns to the registry.

11.    Combine both mobile phones in to one family plan.

12.    Pick up the alterations from Gene

13.    Have doorwall screen repaired.

14.    Send letter and silverware sample to Towle for replacement.

15.    Buy new window fan.

And several of the items left are well along, just not completed yet.  Hopefully soon now.  It feels good to get things done - though I'd feel better if a couple of these weren't left over from my LAST task list of a couple of years ago! :)

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