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50 years

Yep, today is the actual 50th birthday.  Which brings with it a resounding yell of "How the Hell did THAT happen?"  But as I Iook back on things, I discover that something I wrote some years back to describe my life is still very applicable, so I thought I'd share it with you.  Feel free to comment and/or question, or not, as you will.  I'm feeling expansive, however, and would undoubtedly answer questions with more real information than I normally would. :)

"The nice thing about having reached one's forties, is that while you're old enough to have learned better, you're still occasionally willing to listen to the little voice that says "Do it anyway." I've met some of my dearest friends that way. My minor decisions are made quickly, major decisions are made only after extensive introspection and mental wrangling, and life-changing decisions are made on a whim. I'm not happy in a conversation unless I can make the other person say "You did WHAT?!" at least once. There is no doubt in my mind that biting a member of the opposite sex is a skill that is easy to learn and hard to master - but worth the effort. Most of the people I spend time with are 'alternative'; I find them to be the most interesting. However, I still wonder what some of them are the alternative *to*. I've learned many lessons from my life, and doubt any of them will ever be applicable to anything else. While I enjoy engaging in new experiences, in the main I prefer creating them for others. God and I have a deal; I don't pester him and he doesn't try to tell me what to do. And yes, darn it, I still use the 'He' pronoun, its proper English and I'm a traditionalist; but I'm not pretending to make any deity gender claims. Finding out things other people don't know, and doing things that other people don't do are my passions in life. People fascinate me and scare me at the same time."
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