DelosD (delosd) wrote,

Another Task List

Well, I am in the process of changing jobs (finally), and Monday will be my last day at the old job.  I start at the new place on Monday of next week, so that gives me almost a week off to take care of *stuff*.  And with the recent wedding, house sales to prepare for, and general life, that a lot of *stuff* to deal with.  So it's time to make up another "What did you do on your summer vacation?" task list.
  1. Have the house land line phone repaired.
  2. Arrange rental van to haul books out of house.
  3. Rent a storage unit for book boxes and miscellaneous items.
  4. Move treadmill from living room to porch.
  5. Arrange for appraisal on Pinckney property.
  6. Move book boxes and other items to storage.
  7. Move the bookcase out of the upstairs office into the spare bedroom.
  8. Schedule the carpet guy to come in.
  9. Schedule the carpet cleaners to come in. (Purple trucks rule!)
  10. Have the carpet tack down and upstairs carpet removal done.
  11. Have the carpet cleaning done.
  12. Have the Pinckney appraisal done.
  13. Clean bathroom.
  14. Laundry.
  15. Schedule the contractor to come in for bathroom and porch repairs.
  16. Have the bathroom and porch repairs done.
  17. Create a new realtor search based on proximity to new job and start running that.
  18. Start arrangements to list the Farmington House for sale.
  19. Need new HP printer color ink cartridge.
  20. Rebuild Windows on Gateway desktop computer.
  21. Haircut.
  22. Verify start of medical coverage for new job.
  23. Send in new job final acceptance paperwork.
  24. Turn off automated job search e-mails.
  25. Return a couple of damaged wedding registry items.
  26. Start writing wedding thank you notes.
  27. Make tea for Heather and give her lots of affection.
  28. Call Flex Savings administrator and exhaust spending in the medical account.
  29. Deposit leftover checks from wedding into bank.
  30. Replace burned out light bulb in spare bedroom.
  31. Buy two more 50W mini-spot light bulbs.
  32. Empty computer and electronics boxes from office to garage rafters.
  33. Fix the kick panel under the front doorway.
  34. Send out Penguicon Board activity reminders.
  35. Take Heather's car in for maintenance.
  36. Enjoy the very tasty home-cooked (and low-fat) meals that my talented wife makes for me.
  37. Get some Buddy Bones for the puppies.
  38. Repair the carousel CD player using the hanger queen downstairs.
  39. Follow up with about the pattern registry for the old silverware.
  40. Check with Towle about any guarantee on the current silverware.
  41. Add all wedding china and crystal patterns to the registry.
  42. Send in the insurance form and payment for the wedding bands.
  43. Arrange for people to help move book boxes to storage on Wednesday.
  44. Go with Heather to 5/3 Bank and deposit rollover 401(k) funds.
Not a bad list, all in all.  I even dealt with a couple of items this afternoon.  I'll keep y'all posted.
NOTE: I seem to be adding items faster than I am doing them.  Took care of four items today, but added fifteen or so.  This is NOT a good trend.
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