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Perfect Political Poetry

This isn't a political issue where I am taking either side, nor do I particularly have any feelings one way or the other.  However, the *commentary* on this issue is so delightful I have to share it with you all.  (And have it spark my first more-than-one-line post in months.) 

The following news snippet was in National Review magazine, May 17, 2010.

A lawsuit has recently been filed over the 2008 Gay Softball World Series, in which a San Francisco team called D2 was stripped of its second-place finish for having three bisexuals on its roster. The rules allow no more than two straight players per team, and in the middle of the championship game, D2 was angrily charged (by a team it had previously defeated) with insufficient gayness. After the game, the accused were taken to a conference room and asked a series of rather personal questions in an attempt to nail down their exact preferences. The ruling: Instead of adding up to one and a half heterosexuals, the fence-sitting trio were considered to be three “non-gays,” thus exceeding the quota. All three were suspended from gay softball for at least a year; it was not made clear how they might reestablish their eligibility.

In summation of the story, the following limerick was submitted.

In the world of gay softball, it seems,
They take regulation to extremes.
Although here’s the big picture—
It boils down to one stricture:
You simply can’t play for both teams.   

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